Hello Fellow Animal Lover--

We are Fred and Wanda Warren and our website
was created to help cats with skin problems.  
Distraught cat owners often share about their
many trips to the vet, years of antibiotics,
steroids, tests, and over-the-counter meds that
provide only short-lived relief for their cats.  The
heartbreak of seeing their beloved pet itching,
scratching, covered in sores, losing hair, and
even smelling bad has many cat owners seeking
an alternative solution.

By simply adding a specific nutritional regimen of
wild,natural and organic whole-food supplements
to their diet, there has been dramatic results in
bringing their cats back to health.  Sores heal,
coats are thick and shiny, and their cats are
happy and playful again.  No more itching and
scratching.  And they smell great, too.
Solve your pet's skin problems for good !
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Fred Warren
"I look forward to
helping with your
pet's skin problems."
Pippen no longer has
worms in stomach.
For Pippen's story,
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"I feel better now!
Can we go for a walk?"

Before & After
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Before & After
For Scooter's story,
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Isis is no longer a
moody and sleepy cat.
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Sparkle no longer pees
and poops everywhere.
ForSparkle's story,
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Misti is now an
award winning cat.  
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Princess now has
a beautiful coat.
For Princess' story,
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Eastern Time
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When we started using these products, we saw noticeable health
improvements.  The results were wonderful! We are now so confident with
their quality and effectiveness that we recommend these products and
nutritional regimen to others. Our love of animals led us to specialize in
cats with skin conditions.  As you can see from the testimonies, there are
many pet owners whose cats have benefited tremendously by trying this
natural, holistic approach.

Why does it work?  Many of us don't realize that the cat's skin is an
organ of its body.  Therefore, for a cat's skin conditions to clear up,
certain nutritional requirements must be met.  A cat's skin requires
many nutrients to function normally and to look healthy.

Supporting the health and immune system of your cat with high-quality
nutrition is the best and most cost-effective choice for the health of its
skin and its entire body.  For thousands of years, animals in the wild
thrived on a diet of natural raw foods.  These foods provided all of the
nutrients, vitamins, organic minerals, trace elements, chlorophyll and
antioxidants, as well as the beneficial bacteria and enzymes their bodies
are designed to use.  But today, whether our cats live in our homes or
on our farms, their diets are often dramatically different.

Many essential nutrients are heat-sensitive, so modern processing and
storage methods destroy these vital elements.  They are often replaced
in cat food with synthetic minerals and vitamins, or vitamin isolates, that
do not provide the same benefits to the body that whole foods provide.  
If these nutritional needs are unmet for an extended period, cats will
develop an impaired immune system, revealed by any number of
symptoms, including allergies, dry skin, dull hair coat, and increased
susceptibility to parasites.

It would be a privilege to have the opportunity to
assist you in helping your cat overcome its
irritating skin condition.

Contact us for a
free consultation so that we can assist you in putting
together the right mix of products to help your cat overcome its irritating
skin condition.
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Hi Wanda,

Here is an update on Boo! She has totally re-grown ALL of her fur.  She
is soooo pretty.  I wish I would have taken a picture before I started the
enzymes and cat nutrition mix. She seems so healthy, she has gained
weight (but is not fat), she just has a "heaviness" to her now when you
pick her up. I just can't thank you enough for being there for me. I can
honestly say that the products have saved Boo's life.  My vet gave up on
her and was suggesting to have her put down.  I just couldn't do it, and I
am so glad that I decided to give her one last chance.  Thank YOU and
Thank God for her recovery.  I just want to tell the world to not give up on
your animal until you have tried EVERYTHING.

Thank you again,
Marsha Biller
All of our products come with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so if you
are not completely satisfied, you can return the empty bottle(s) for a
complete refund of your product purchase.

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